Top 5 Crazy Things About Burger King: With more than 13,000 locations in more than 70 countries, it is difficult to travel to many cities, especially the United States, which is the major of the outlets out of the house, with more than 13,000 locations in more global. Seeing a Burger King. The Thus However, it is frequent presence on the road across the globe, Burger King still has some surprises hidden behind the 5 stocks listed below.

Top 5 Crazy Things About Burger King


5. BK ended on 200,000 friendships


One of its most original was the 2009 "Whopper sacrifice terms". Positions, offered through a facebook application, offered users a free whipper in exchange for an end Also See: Calories In An Apple . Samson, a friend who is not a member of the "Thrower" friend who is not notified, Burger King application has to notify 10 .


The company deactivates the application after 10 days, claiming that the notification facility has violated its privacy standards; promise of a free Whopper by ending any excess Facebook friendships.


4. McDonald's tried to make good with BK


Burger King Gave a bold offer to Archway McDonald in recognition of the UN's "International Peace Day" on September 21, 2015. In full page of New York Times and the Chicago Tribune Berger King proposed to sell a "McWhopper" location in Atlanta, located between one combo of two series signature burgers in a day-long restaurant, staffed with both chains employers. Also See: Calories In A. Bananas , a non-profit organization that attempts to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace .


He further wrote that "friendly business competition" is in any way "real pain and grief of war" between the two companies. Mean while, McDonald's started a separate advertising campaign in support of the United Nations World Food Program.


3. Whopper is a difficult to find "right bind"


The series produced a limited edition wines, full pair design with Whopper. The "whopper wine," Burger King, was dubbed as it. (grilled by a Burger King broiler) produced a flavor that would complement its burger.


Whhopper liquor bottles, which included a mail box (probably for ease of moving in a local Burger King), were only available in Spain, and only the 40 "Those who, look back, have a competition they should be saved until they start running their customers with alcohol.


2. BK is a secret menu


For example, in-N-Out's secret menu contains animal-style fries, which are topped with a mixture of grilled Many of the service restaurants offering items that are not yet on the menu, but that they have to request if customers know in case. And although there is no quesadillas on the menu in Chipotle, So you can find one if you order it.


Also Has King Burger A Secret Menu Of Items That Are Available As Long As The Content And The Staff Is Playing (It'S Not Best To Try Your Luck During A Crowd Of Lunch Hours). The Thus Prasad contains bam and pannier (a sesame seeds served hot or cold on bread), "Fringes"-half order of potato, half order of onion rings, any marital squabble, and stables burgers, which are BBQ sauce and In additions onionion Also known as "Tractor Stainer," this monster burger contains 4 slices of 4 patties, "The most serious secret menu item" is the appropriate name "Suicidal burger". If you know about secret menu and have a desire to die, about $ 4, and a patient local Burger King employee, this huge ball of flesh may be blooming.


1. BK offered the table service in a nutshell


But if you missed the period of three months in 1992 when the series was rolled out the table service, the Table Service? The idea is to sit down and imagine that your food taken to your table. only way is that you will have this experience in your imagination.


After orders the counter, the guests had a free basket of popcorn but for breakfast, when they are waiting for Mood lighting and music also sold out in some places. The arrival of their meal, which could be included an option from the menu Eating a steak sandwich and fried shrimp, On the table.


Notable that Wendy's Spokesman did not plan to offer the Burger King Table Service said (We're all convinced with war's service) We have proud that Burger King spends billions of dollars on this. The table service slowed down Burger King Operations so that the company lost millions of dollars, and more energy was "We think it's fantastic. Lost. Leave foray into Sks bus was launched after a few months.